Encyclopedia of physiognomy. Reading the secrets of a person’s character and behavior from their faces
No one will deny the close connection between facial expressions and a person’s mood. However, not everyone will agree
How to make a girl fall in love with you - psychological techniques and advice
If a guy is interested in a girl and desperately wants her to love him, there are several
Who is an optimist, a pessimist, a realist and a don’t care?
12/27/201716 871 Reading time: 9 min. Hooray, abstract topic! Optimist, pessimist, realist and indifference
Piercing gaze
What does it mean if a man looks intently into his eyes?
Incredible facts If you notice that a man is looking into your eyes for a long time and persistently,
Signs of a man's sympathy - all attention to behavior!
Every woman in love is interested in signs of a man's sympathy. They say that representatives of the stronger half of humanity are used to
How to prove to a guy that you love❣️ him: words, actions, originality
How to always get what you want in a relationship with a man: 5 techniques after which he will forget about the word “no”
For some reason, women are sure that asking a man for something is humiliating and shameful. He must
Refuse a married man
How to politely and gracefully refuse a guy without offending him
In this article we will look at an important issue that will interest many women. We are in it
How to understand what you want from life: psychological tests. Take everything from life
October 9, 2018 Personality psychology Ekaterina Nikolaeva Every person wants to live his life on
How to get rid of melancholy: 4 X 10 techniques and golden rules
In psychology, melancholy is considered to be a whole complex of strong negative emotions, in which we can distinguish
What to do if your child is afraid to sleep alone in the room
No matter how tired you are of some people, go back to an empty apartment and sit
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