11 signs of a guy's love or how to understand that he is truly in love with you and he really needs you
When you're in love and trying to figure out if it's mutual, your emotions can drown out common sense.
gratuitous help
Test “What is my character” - who are you: a leader, a crybaby, an angry person, a good-natured person?
Sometimes it can be difficult for a person to communicate with others... “We’ve had enough of it!” - you think, ignoring the thought that
What is femininity through the eyes of men, what women do men pay attention to
08/23/201603/29/2019 Nadezhda Plotnikova When describing the ideal representative of the fair half of humanity, guys often mention the following characteristic:
retribution for treason
Cheating for cheating: is it worth taking revenge on your loved one?
There is an opinion that betrayal is as terrible as death. With her arrival they die
Harmony in a person’s life: 7 steps to achieving it
Updated July 23, 2021 807 Author: Dmitry Petrov Hello, dear readers of the KtoNaNovenkogo.ru blog. "Colors
neurobics exercises
By pumping up your muscles, you strengthen your intellect. How can movement help you become an excellent student?
How to keep a clear mind Neurobics is a brain exercise that makes it possible to develop
Understanding women photos
Why doesn't my man understand me? Where has intimacy gone in relationships and how do you understand that a relationship needs a reboot?
245 Tweet January 11, 2018 - Why doesn’t he understand me at all, he thinks
Reflections on selfishness and altruism in human evolution
Yuri Arshavsky, Doctor of Biological Sciences, University of California (San Diego, USA) “Nature” No. 9, 2020 In loving memory
How to become a confident man and increase your self-esteem
A person often underestimates his strength in the short term and overestimates it in the long term.
Disobedience psychology of boys
Not yet a teenager: the calmest time in a boy's life
Article: Adolescence in boys is a unique period, as a result of which the child begins to clearly understand
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